World Press Photo Exhibition 2021

World Press Photo Exhibition 2021

Jun 05, 2021Aug 29, 2021
De Nieuwe Kerk, Dam Square, 1012 NL
13,50 euros

The World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 presents the best visual journalism of the past year. The annual World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 in Amsterdam is the best known of the World Press Photo Foundation's activities, and is a leading event in the organisation's calendar.

The exhibition runs until August 29, 2021, so there's plenty of time to go and see it! Special measures are in place to ensure safety for all visitors. Buy your tickets now!

De Nieuwe Kerk hosts the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021

De Nieuwe Kerk is the home of the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021, showcasing the winning photographs from the 64th annual World Press Photo Contest and the 11th annual Digital Storytelling Contest. 

In an unprecedented year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice protests around the globe, the photographs and digital stories on display share a diversity of interpretations and perspectives to these and other urgent issues such as the climate crisis, LGBTQ+ rights, and territorial conflicts.

Experience individual stories at the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021, currently on display in De Nieuwe Kerk until August 29, 2021, which pose questions important for visual journalism, visual storytelling, and the World Press Photo Foundation's work.

2021 World Press Photo Contests

Here are some selected winning photos currently appearing in the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021:

World Press Photo of the Year

Mads Nissen's photo, The First Embrace, was selected by the independent jury of the 2021 Photo Contest as World Press Photo of the Year. In the picture, 85-year-old Rosa Luzia Lunardi is hugged by nurse Adriana Silva da Costa Souza at the Viva Bem care home, São Paulo, Brazil, on August 5, 2020. 

Nissen says about his photo: “To me, this is a story about hope and love in the most difficult times. When I learned about the crisis that was unfolding in Brazil and the poor leadership of president Bolsonaro who has been neglecting this virus from the very beginning, who’s been calling it ‘a small flu,’ I really felt an urge to do something about it.”

World Press Photo of the Year 2021

Photo: Mads Nissen, Denmark, Politiken/Panos Pictures

World Press Photo Story of the Year

Habibi by Antonio Faccilongo was chosen by the jury as the World Press Photo Story of the Year. The series is about love stories set against the backdrop of one of the longest and most complicated contemporary conflicts - the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Faccilongo says about the winning story: “My work has the ambition to be a cultural bridge to bring people together.”

“The photojournalistic perspective of the photographer, along with the uniqueness of the story, have created a masterpiece. This is a story of human struggle in the 21st century: a story about those unheard voices that can reach the world if we, the jury, act as a medium. It shows another side of the long contemporary conflict between Israel and Palestine.” - Ahmed Najm, Managing Director of Metrography Agency and 2021 Photo Contest jury member.

World Press Photo Story of the Year

Photo: Habibi by Antonio Faccilongo, Getty Reportage

World Press Photo Yearbook 2021

The winning stories of the Photo Contest are showcased in an annual yearbook, available in six languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The World Press Photo Yearbook 2021 is published and distributed by Lannoo Publishers and can be ordered internationally through Lannoo or via the PhotoQ Bookshop.

About World Press Photo

Since 1955, the annual World Press Photo Contest has recognised professional photographers for the best pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism. The flagship exhibition, showcasing the stories that matter, with winning works from the annual contests, is specially designed for the space of De Nieuwe Kerk, a 15th-century church, and it is one of the few locations displaying the 2021 Digital Storytelling Contest winning productions.

Discover the most striking images and compelling visual stories, on display until August 29 in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam. Book tickets on De Nieuwe Kerk website.

Special measures have been put in place to ensure a safe visit to the exhibition. These measures include the adjustment of the exhibition route to maintain a 1,5-metre distance between visitors, tickets available online only and limited to a specific date and time, automatic sanitiser stations, and more. Learn more about protective measures. 

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Buy your World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 tickets online

World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 tickets are available online. There is a special student discount available for students who bring their student IDs with them. Get your tickets on the De Nieuwe Kerk website.