TREK food truck festival

TREK food truck festival

May 11, 2023Sep 10, 2023
Nijmegen, Maastricht, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht

Visit Festival TREK 2023 food truck festival for a delicious day out in AmsterdamRotterdamThe HagueUtrechtDen BoschMaastricht, Tilburg and Nijmegen.


Don't miss Festival TREK food truck festival 2023

The freely accessible TREK festival (Dutch for "appetite") tours the Netherlands, calling at parks in a handful of Dutch cities.

  • TREK Food Festival Rotterdam: Vroesenpark - May 11-14
  • TREK Food Festival Maastricht: Stadspark - May 18-21
  • TREK Food Festival Utrecht - Griftpark - May 25-29
  • TREK Food Festival Nijmegen: Hunnerpark - June 2-4
  • TREK Food Festival Tilburg: Spoorpark - June 9-11
  • TREK Food Festival Amsterdam: Amstelpark - June 30 - July 2
  • TREK Food Festival Den Bosch: Petterlaarse Schans - July 7-9
  • TREK Food Festival The Hague: Westerbroekpark - September 8-10

A wide variety of mobile eateries transform city parks into huge open-air restaurants, brimming with delicious food and atmosphere! Besides the mouth-watering cuisine, you can enjoy great live music and theatre and much more.


The glass policy at TREK food festival 2023

Your first drink at the bar requires a purchase of an environmentally-friendly plastic glass. You will receive a rinsed glass when you return for a refill.

Food trucks at TREK

To give you a taste of the food trucks that will be appearing at TREK food truck festival, imagine being able to wander around and find such a wide variety of fresh food all in one park, like French crepes, Dutch poffertjes, Dim Sum, Pad Thai, sushi, hotdogs, Mexican burritos, ice cream, Belgian waffles and basically anything you can imagine!