Coronavirus update: Extra measures for the Netherlands

Coronavirus update: Extra measures for the Netherlands

Last week, new measures were announced to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. These included things like working from home, the cancellation of events with more than 100 visitors and the closing of museums, etc. Now, extra measures have been announced and the end date for these measures has been extended to April 6. 

Death toll at 20

According to the latest figures from the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment), another 10 people died over the weekend and the number of infections increased to 1135 people. The deceased ranged in age from 59 to 94. The majority were over 70 and had underlying medical conditions. In total, 162 patients are or have been admitted to hospitals in the Netherlands

Schools shut and other measures

When the first set of measures were announced, these did not include shutting primary or secondary schools, much to the outrage of parents and other parties. Now, however, with the latest measures, schools and daycare centres will remain shut until April 6.

For children whose parents work for the police, care sector, fire brigade, public transport or other areas crucial during the outbreak, care has been made available at schools and daycare centres so that the parents can continue to work. The other measures are as follows:

  • Teachers will continue to educate students, albeit from a distance, giving priority to students preparing for their finals in secondary school and MBO.
  • All food and drink establishments (bars and restaurants) will be closed until April 6.
  • Exercise and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs and coffee shops will be closed until April 6.
  • Everyone is asked to keep a distance of 1,5 metres from others, even when getting groceries at the supermarket. 
  • Previous measures have been extended to April 6.

Are you worried about having symptoms? Read Coronavirus: What are the symptoms and how can you avoid getting it.

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Kirit 12:14 | 16 March 2020

I am due to start a new job in Delft in a couple of weeks and am due to move into a new rental apartment this weekend. I am moving from the U.K. to NL for this role but I’m not sure if I should move this weekend given the current situation. Any guidance?

minasolanki 12:32 | 16 March 2020

Hi Kirit, it would be a good idea to get in touch with your new employer to see whether your start date will stay the same or change in light of the coronavirus situation. As for moving, do the same and get in touch with your landlord. You can call the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment with your questions regarding coronavirus on 0800-1351. Hope this helps!

OliverJP 16:46 | 16 March 2020

I am in the Netherlands on a tourist visa looking for work to move to a residence visa. My tourist visa expires in 30 days and now I start to worry about the declining chance of finding work at this time with coronavirus. Is the best thing I can do to apply for an extension of my Schengen Visa? Are there new measures in place for tourists such as automatic extensions? I am an Australian so do not require an MVV.

minasolanki 16:57 | 16 March 2020

Hi OliverJP, I'm afraid a lot of things about the corona situation are uncertain at the moment. When it comes to visas, you should get in touch with an immigration lawyer who can give advice specific to your situation. This is a list of some you can contact. Good luck! Hope everything works out for you!

arianna.gasperini 23:00 | 17 March 2020

I am a Horeca employee and as we know this sector is now closed until April 6th. Do you guys know if the Dutch government is giving out allowances to help us go through the rest of the month jobless?

minasolanki 15:53 | 18 March 2020

Hi, the Dutch government announced measures to help people keep their jobs:

3106Mariah 23:19 | 17 March 2020

Hello! I am a student and I am working part time as housekeeping at a hotel. Due to the new measures the hotel has closed and the manager said that we have to take free from our vacation days. I would like to know if this is normal because I belive its my right to take my vacation when I want, not when the hotel wants. Please tell me your opinion. (I have a contract with hours, not a 0h-contract)

minasolanki 15:54 | 18 March 2020

Hi, please take a look at this news: and get in touch with an employment lawyer for advice on your specific case. Here is a list: Hope this helps!

Fiona Ryn 07:41 | 27 March 2020

Are the Dutch government doing anything about rental payments. Our income has been slashed in half as my partner is a freelancer & all work has been cancelled.

minasolanki 09:19 | 27 March 2020

Hi Fiona, you'll still have to pay your rent, but the government is making it so that renters can't be evicted during the corona crisis. As for income, the government has set up a scheme to help those out who have lost income due to the impact of coronavirus, this includes freelancers. Please take a look at the following: Hope this helps!

Deme Vlad 10:48 | 28 March 2020

When does the government allow to money ? I work in Horeca as a full timer, I was supposed to be pain in 23 of the month, but my boss didn`t paid us because he is waiting for the government am I supposed to survive if I don`t get paid ? From where money for food, utilities, etc ? Government have to hurry up with the allowances, soon I will totally run out of money.

gooner68 12:22 | 31 March 2020

The problem I had has been resolved.