Amity International School Amsterdam: Apply now!

Amity International School Amsterdam: Apply now!


Amity International School Amsterdam is part of the non-profit Amity Education Group, which operates schools and universities in locations ranging from London and Singapore to New York, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

The Amsterdam school opened its doors to students in January 2018 and welcomed children into The Van Leer building, which is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the De Braak Park. Just around the corner, the school has views of the Amsterdamse Bos; an exciting and convenient family location.

Learning in a natural, safe and green environment

The Van Leer building was designed in 1958 by Dutch architect Marcel Breuer and is a monumental landmark. The building initially served as the company headquarters for Van Leer Industrial Packaging.

Amity International School takes full advantage of The Van Leer building's unique architecture, using the large open spaces to create multifunctional zones, so that the students have plenty of opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.

The school also features a music room, several large ‘makerspace’ areas, an indoor gymnasium, a dedicated green-screen presentation area and classrooms that are spacious and filled with natural light. The gardens in the adjacent park provide students with ample opportunities for inquiry-based learning in a natural, safe and green environment.

Individualised educational experiences

Amity International School Amsterdam's vision is to "empower each individual to thrive and make a positive difference". The school is a candidate school for the IB PYP and is pursuing authorisation as an IB World School.

David Porritt, the school’s Principal, explains:

“The curriculum at Amity International School is based on the principle that meaningful learning happens when the children are engaged and emotionally involved in their education, when it is meaningful to them and relates to the world around them. At AISA our students’ educational experiences will be individualised, based on their skills, abilities, interests, needs and learning styles.

A fundamental part of our curriculum is the opportunity to go out into the real world, to talk to experts and have a "hands-on" experience. This enables children to form a personal connection with their education and deepens their understanding, transforming learning into something vivid and real.”

School as an adventure

"We are passionate about creating spaces that instil in children a love of learning."

Amity International School Amsterdam is now looking to further develop its facilities by opening a Middle School in August 2018, as well as creating playground areas that reflect the natural beauty of the area and provide further opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom.

“We are passionate about creating spaces that instil in children a love of learning”, explains Amy Wright, the PYP Coordinator.

“We want our students to experience school as an adventure and we are committed to their involvement in the development of the school. One of the most exciting elements of this project is that the whole school community; students, parents and teachers are all working together to establish a school where everyone will be able to thrive and succeed as internationally minded citizens.”

Apply now

Amity International School Amsterdam is now open and accepting enrolment applications for 2017 / 2018 and 2018 / 2019. Visit for more information and to apply, or click the button below.



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