Apartment in The Hague, Van Boecopkade

1750€ per

Surface: 27 m2
Available From: 23 February 2024
Offered by Housing Anywhere
Van Boecopkade, 2518
Preferred tenant: 
No preference
Not allowed
Not allowed


This property is a complete studio appartement with everything dedicated to the tenant. Nothing is shared. We live on the second and third floor. On the ground floor the studio apartment is located with a separate entrance at the backside. Only this entrance is shared with us. The apartment is located centrally, with all public transport hub and possibilities at your doorstep. The following amenities are present :

1 Washing machine with dryer
2.Microwave with over function
3. T.V.
4. Internet (Wifi, and cable connection both present)
5. Dishwasher

Furthermore no smoking, no parties are allowed and no alcohol consumption is allowed. It is only for one person, i prefer expats or working professionals. Apartment is brand new, with all new furniture located in a brand new building. Everything is corona proof. I prefer first you book for one month, and come and stay at the apartment, and if we both like, we can come to a mutual contract for longer period. I do not rent it out to student i am sorry for that.

The price is including, electricity, water, gas, t.v. and internet. It is including local taxes if you want to register in municipality.
Further i do require prior to accept any booking :

1. Your id (passport).
2. Your contract ( working contract).
3. Your purpose for staying in the apartment.
4. How you pay rent, what is your source for this ?

Before i can accept any booking this is needed for me to accept the booking. Later on we can make a contract when you check in.
I am looking for some peaceful and silent person which has a purpose for a stay (like work). Be aware that you must be a NONE SMOKER. Smoking is not possible inside or outside the appartment. Also it is not possible to let other people like friends or boyfriends or stuff in the appartement. Letting them sleep etc. Is not allowed as it is for one person only.. It is really only for 1 person.

Be aware cleaning costs for the appartement are included. The appartement will be cleaned 1 time a month. This is an obligation which need to be taken and agreed on when signing the contract.

Also it is not allowed to make any changes in the room like moving furniture and stuff everything is included as it is. Also not allowed to drill any wholes and stuff in the room. I just want a clean quite person who is here to take care of the place as it is its own place.

Be aware that i do have children which you will hear when we go out from the house or come in. If we are upstairs you will not hear anything, for that it is good sound isolated.

Furthermore the living room and studio part is around 45 square meeters. The bathroom space included total brings 55 square meters. Be aware also that you cannot bring much own furniture and stuff as it is already furnished so there is no place for all kind of furniture like desk, wardrobe, tables etc...... you will need to accept it as it is on the pictures. Exept ofcourse u can bring your personal stuff like clothes etc......

Hope everything is clear . If not just send me a message. Pls only message me when you are seriously willing to book and no student. Also pls reply me fast within one day after any request fot inquiry or booking. If it will take longer i will not accept any request because if other people want to book they will get it. So who first is serious to book will get it.
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