Protect your pooch! Dog owners warned about cruel prank

Protect your pooch! Dog owners warned about cruel prank

Dog owners in the Netherlands have been warned by the police to stay alert when walking their pets after they found pieces of sausage left on streets with nails inside them. 

Dog-hater's dangerous prank

So far, police have little information as to who is carrying out this “prank,” but they have asked walkers and owners to be aware of what dogs do and eat when out for walks. A number of pieces of sausage have been found in the Harderwijk area in the province of Gelderland. 

Hondenbezitters opgelet! Inmiddels zijn er meerdere worstjes aangetroffen met spijkers. In de omgeving van de Harderwijkerweg. Heeft u info? Bel 0900-8844!

Posted by Politie Dieren on Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The culprit presses nails into pieces of sausages, and then leaves them on the street to be found and eaten by dogs and other animals. The Dutch police are asking anyone with information about the cruel trick to contact them.

Victoria Séveno


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