Quantum R&D Engineer

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A worldwide organization is seeking a highly qualified and driven Quantum R&D Engineer to become a member of their team and lead the development of next-generation superconducting amplifiers, with a particular emphasis on Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TWPAs).

In this role you will push the state of the art in theoretical understanding, design, fabrication, and characterization of these amplifiers, contributing to the vision of making quantum computing available to all.

Your responsibilities also include the following:

  • Taking a leading role in the development and optimization of existing and novel superconducting amplifiers, specifically TWPAs, from concept to final product;

  • Conducting theoretical analysis and modeling to understand and improve the performance of superconducting amplifiers;

  • Analyzing and interpreting experimental data to identify areas of improvement and guide future design iterations;

  • Staying on top of developments in the field of superconducting amplifiers;

  • Ensuring close collaboration with our fabrication and characterization teams.

  • A salary indication of €5000 - 6000 gross per month based on 40 hours per week depending on your knowledge and experience;

  • Being a part of the future of quantum computing.


* PhD or equivalent experience in the development of superconducting amplifiers, circuit QED, or a closely related field;
* Affinity with the development and commercialization of commercial products;
* Strong background in cryogenic measurement, microwave engineering, nanofabrication, or superconducting chip design;
* Strong communication skills, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to both expert and non-expert colleagues and partners;
* Experience with structuring R&D projects with a small team.

About the company:

Quantum R&D Engineer needed in the Quantum computing Industry