Buying a house in the Netherlands: Checklist

Buying a house in the Netherlands:  Checklist

Since buying a house in the Netherlands is an important financial decision, preparation is vital.

Property buying checklist

Be an informed buyer and thoroughly examine:

Be fully aware of your financial / credit situation and budget. Keep a detailed record of:

  • Current loan payments
  • Monthly expenses (food, childcare, utilities, insurance, taxes etc.)
  • Non-fixed / personal expenditures (medical expenses, entertainment etc.)

Get familiar with the Dutch mortgage procedures and estimate the mortgage payments. Finally, organise your move; contact different movers and ask for tailor-made offers beforehand.

House hunting in the Netherlands: Hints & Tips

  • Who owns the house / property and why is he / she moving out?
  • How many others are interested in the same house / property?
  • How quickly does the seller need to sell?
  • How long has the house been on the market?
  • View the house during daytime to spot problems and if you are really interested, visit again at a different time of the day.
  • Are home renovations necessary? 
  • Try not to view too many houses in one day.
  • Keep detailed notes regarding the places you visit.
  • Take your time and do not hesitate to ask as many relevant questions as possible.
  • Inspect the neighbourhood.
  • Seasonality could be an important factor; demand may be a bit lower during winter and autumn.
  • During negotiations stay polite, cool and clearly show that you are fully informed.
  • Do not get too attached to one property; usually, time is on your side.
  • Avoid complicated procedures like bidding wars and sealed envelopes.
  • Build a solid relationship with the seller. It could well be the case that there are many potential buyers like you so you need to stand out from the crowd.
  • It may be harder for non-EU citizens due to stricter requirements.

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