Rotterdam Funfair | Kermis Rotterdam

Rotterdam Funfair | Kermis Rotterdam

Apr 12, 2024May 05, 2024
Lloyd Multiplein, Schiehaven

Rotterdam Funfair (Kermis Rotterdam) is held twice each year at its iconic location, the Lloyd Multiplein at Schiehaven in Rotterdam.

Koningskermis, the spring edition of the funfair

The spring edition is known locally as Koningskermis, because it coincides with special Dutch events. Beginning in mid-April and taking place right through the King's Day celebrations, it goes on right until another important celebration, Liberation Day on May 5. The May school holidays take place while the funfair is on, so it's a great occasion for families with kids.

The Dutch word for funfair, kermis, actually has religious origins. The word comes from the Middle Dutch word kercmisse, literally meaning church mass. A festival held to celebrate a local church gradually evolved to include fairground rides and today, the meaning is no longer related to the church, but solely means funfair.

Funfair location and opening hours

The funfair takes place from April 12 until May 5, 2024 and on those days, it's open daily from 1pm-11pm. The location is the Lloyd Multiplein at Schiehaven, a well-known sports and events complex.

Plan your visit to Kermis Rotterdam

It’s very easy and straightforward to get to Kermis Rotterdam at Lloyd Multiplein at Schiehaven by public transport. The lines and routes that stop nearby are bus 44, bus 70, metro A, metro B, tram 8 and the sprinter train. If you love funfairs, then make your way to Tilburg in July for the biggest funfair in Benelux​​​​​.