Tilburg, The Netherlands

Tilburg, The Netherlands

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Information about Tilburg

Tilburg is the second-largest city in North Brabant and the sixth biggest in the Netherlands. It is home to three universities, including the prestigious and internationally oriented Tilburg University.

History of Tilburg

Tilburg began as a series of hamlets that gradually evolved into a populous city. During the 17th century, its high population of sheep led to its status as the "wool capital" of the Netherlands, although it didn’t gain city status until 1809.

King Willem II (1792-1849) was particularly fond of Tilburg, remarking that "here I can breathe freely and I feel happy." Accordingly, the city’s local football club is named King Willem II Tilburg in tribute.

Site & Activities in Tilburg

The centre of Tilburg is full of restaurants, shops, hotels and cafés. There is a large cinema on the Pieter Vreedeplein, while several museums let visitors explore everything from Modern Art to natural history. Tilburg also plays host to festivals throughout the year.

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