Tilburg Funfair - the biggest funfair in Benelux

Tilburg Funfair - the biggest funfair in Benelux

Jul 19, 2024Jul 28, 2024
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The Tilburg Funfair is the largest funfair in the Benelux region. Be one of the many visitors enjoying the 200 attractions at the 4,5km-long funfair that takes over the city of Tilburg for 10 days.

Fairground rides and much more

The Tilburg Funfair (Tilburg Kermis) is more than just amusement arcade games and thrilling rides - it also involves a giant parade, a theatre fair, markets, fireworks and music. There is plenty of live music, with techno, rap, hip-hop and hardstyle. The fair even has its own radio station, Kermis FM. The event culminates in spectacular fireworks on the very last night.

Most of the rides and attractions, between the Paleisring and the Besterdsplein, are hyper-modern and up-to-the-minute, but on Willemsplein, expect nostalgic fairground rides, such as vintage carousels, that look like they’re from another era.

A Tilburg tradition going back a long way

The Tilburg fair is a very old tradition, dating back to the year 1570 - in fact, the city council considers it to be of such historical significance that it has nominated the fair to be listed as a UNESCO protected heritage event. It began as an annual market to celebrate Tilburg’s patron saint.

The Dutch word for funfair, kermis, actually has religious origins. The word comes from the Middle Dutch word kercmisse, literally meaning church mass. A summer festival held to celebrate a local church gradually evolved to include fairground rides and today, the meaning is no longer related to the church, but solely means funfair.

Funfair opening hours

Here are the opening hours during Tilburg funfair:

  • Friday, July 19: 3pm-11.45pm
  • Saturday, July 20: 1pm-11.45pm
  • Sunday, July 21: 1pm-10.45pm
  • Monday, July 22: 1pm-10.45pm
  • Tuesday, July 23: 1pm-10.45pm
  • Wednesday, July 24: 1pm-10.45pm
  • Thursday, July 25: 1pm-11.45pm
  • Friday, July 26: 1pm-11.45pm
  • Saturday, July 27: 1pm-11.45pm
  • Sunday, July 28: 1pm-11.45pm

Plan your visit to Tilburg Funfair

No need to book tickets. One of the great things about the Tilburg Funfair is that entry is free. Visitors pay for each ride and attraction separately, but there is no admission cost and no need to reserve.

Cycling and public transport are highly recommended, due to the large volumes of people and traffic expected in the city for the occasion. Tilburg is very easy to reach by train from all over the Netherlands.