Dahlia Festival

Dahlia Festival

Aug 11, 2023Oct 15, 2023
Free admission

This August 12 – October 15, discover the summer flowers of the Netherlands: dahlias. If it’s one thing the Netherlands is known for, it’s for its flowers, and this doesn’t end after tulip season. In the summer, the dahlia flowers bloom and can be enjoyed by visitors through a variety of activities.

Dahlia Festival activities

There are a plethora of activities that allow visitors to experience these gorgeous flowers in various ways.

Bulb Region Flower Route

This 35-kilometre cycling route takes visitors along the beach, and through the dunes and dahlia fields. Along the path, there are also the stunning monuments and quaint villages of Noordwijkerhout and Lisse. The route goes into the Keukenhof Castle Gardens and Tulperij. With all the beautiful views, this bike route is not one to miss! Visitors can also opt for a guided tour that is offered on the weekends where a local guide details everything about the Bulb Region.

Dahila Gardens at Keukenhof Castle

Pair the dahlia flowers with other magnificent summer flowers that can be found at the Keukenhof Castle Gardens. View the elegant garden design created by Martin Elling, the designer at Keukenhof, which pairs beautifully with the Keukenhof Castle. There are over a hundred different types of dahlias that have bloomed in the front garden at the castle.

The Tulperij

The Tulperij is gorgeous in the springtime with all the blooming tulips, but in the summer, the cosy bulb farm is open for visitors to view the dahlias. The Dahlia Show Garden displays a colourful and environmental greenhouse that also has a lovely café. An ideal place for a cup of coffee and a captivating view. The Tulperij is open all days of the festival except for Mondays.

Renault Twizy Dahlia GPS  Tour

One of the best ways to experience the dahlias is through the Renault Twizy Dahlia GPS Tour. Visitors can appreciate the vibrant colours in one of the largest dahlia fields in Europe in the Renault Twizy, an environmentally friendly GPS car tour. The dahlia garden at the Keukenhof Castle is also accessible via the Renault Twizy. Additionally, there is an audio tour that informs attendees of information about the fields, as well as fun facts.

Special events during the 2023 Dahlia Festival

Here are some of the special events that will be taking place during the Dahlia Festival:

  • Flower Parade Rijnsburg - August 11-13
  • Open Garden Days Rijnsburg - August 20
  • Dahlia Mosaics Weekends - September 7-10
  • Bollenstreek in Bedrijf - August 12
  • Open Monuments Day in the Bulb Region - September 9
  • Keukenhof Flowerbulb Market - October 6-7

Attending the Dahlia Festival

Excited about wandering through fields of beautiful dahlias and other summer flowers? Head over to the official Dahlia Festival website for more information on the specific events and activities during the festival, and how to access them via public transportation.