Flower bulb market Keukenhof

Flower bulb market Keukenhof

Oct 06, 2023Oct 07, 2023
Keukenhof, Stationsweg 166A

The international bulb-growing season kicks off as the exclusive and extraordinary specimens as seen in the world-famous Keukenhof garden go on sale at the Flower Bulb Market!

Come and shop for bulbs direct from the growers at Keukenhof

Keukenhof is generally closed outside of spring, but the flower bulb market gives visitors a peek into the park’s autumn colours and the chance to stock up for their gardens at home! Keukenhof lends home gardeners a specialist hand with the Flower Bulb Market! Here, bulbs can be bought straight from the cultivator.

There is also an educational aspect to the market: specialists will be there to explain how bulbs can be grown most successfully at home. You can gain expert tips from local gardeners to grow the most successful flower crop. Renowned professionals who also supply the Keukenhof with their blooms will be offering a large selection of spring bulbs, along with many rare kinds.

Start planting your tulip bulbs early

If you want a colourful garden in spring, it’s best to start planting flower bulbs early. The Keukenhof plants around seven million flower bulbs in October and November.

Cash only at Keukenhof bulb market

You will only be able to pay cash at the Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market.