Flower Parade Rijnsburg

Flower Parade Rijnsburg

Aug 12, 2022Aug 14, 2022
South Holland, Katwijk, Noordwijk aan Zee, Rijnsburg

Flower Parade Rijnsburg shows off 250.000 fresh flowers in dashing artistic arrangements which make their way through towns in the province of South Holland. Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk, all near Leiden, welcome thousands of visitors to enjoy this dazzling flower and bulb celebration.  

Plan your journey to view the flower creations

Here's what you need to know:

Friday, August 12

You will already be able to view the floats on the evening of Friday, August 12, during the official opening show at the Royal FloraHolland auction building in Rijnsburg. From 7pm, the event will kick off with atmospheric music and stunning, resplendent flowers.


Saturday, August 13

Have a look and see where and when you can catch a glimpse of the parade on Saturday, August 13:

  • Rijnsburg - 1pm, from Laan van Verhof to the Sandtlaan
  • Katwijk - 2pm and 3pm, starting from Sandtlaan and Secretaris Varkevisserstraat
  • Noordwijk - 6.30pm, from Boekerslootlaan to Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard

Sunday, August 14

On Sunday, August 14, the floats will be on display at the Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk.

One of the most colourful street celebrations in South Holland

The beautiful Flower Parade Rijnsburg consists of a procession of several festive floats and a convoy of all sorts of vehicles, all grandiosely decorated with flowers grown in the Netherlands, accompanied by many marching bands. Tens of thousands of spectators come out in their droves to marvel at the parade every year and make the most of the music and festive atmosphere in the streets.