Castlefest in the Keukenhof Castle grounds

Castlefest in the Keukenhof Castle grounds

Aug 03, 2023Aug 06, 2023
Keukenhof Castle, Keukenhof-Noord 1
South Holland, Lisse
Adult day tickets from 32,50 euros, Adult multi-pass 80 euros

Step into the fantasy world of Castlefest on the grounds of Keukenhof Castle! Many will have heard of the world-famous spring garden, the Keukenhof, which is open just for a few weeks per year, from late March mid-May. Well, the same estate hosts this legendary fantasy event, complete with camping, live music and workshops.

In August, the sea of colour across the estate will not be tulips, but dazzling costumes: knights, forest trolls, elves, fairies, swash-buckling pirates and everything in between. If you can't be there, then look out for the Castlefest Winter Edition.

Photo credit: Anouk Pross Castlefest

Fantasy and magic at the Keukenhof

Transport yourself into a fantastical realm of castles and magical beings at the spectacular Castlefest! This great event for all ages is a totally immersive experience with fantasy-themed music, costumes, merchandise, writing and good food!

Castlefest activities

Three festival stages, the Forest Stage, the Village Stage and the Meadow Stage, will feature a large number of bands, playing everything from Celtic music to modern tunes. The event's music programme is varied and exciting on each day of the festival.

Photo credit: Ruben Meuwese Castlefest stage

Stroll over the market, try a medieval workshop or discover the Larp village where people get dressed up in character costumes in an adventure world where all sorts of realities are possible. You won't easily get bored at Castlefest! Other activities include arrow making, corsets 101, face paints, a storyteller, folk dancing and themed sports games.

Plan your visit to Castlefest

Plan your visit and book your tickets in advance on the Castlefest website. It's possible to camp at Castlefest, so check the website for more information.