[Video] Top tips for navigating Dutch roads and surviving the bicycles

[Video] Top tips for navigating Dutch roads and surviving the bicycles

There’s a lot to learn and adapt to when you take a big step and move to a new country. And while the Netherlands might be known all around the world for its love of bikes, it’s one thing to know this and a very different thing to be confronted with it on a daily basis. 

It can be overwhelming, confusing, scary, and dangerous. Luckily, here are some tips on how to survive the Dutch when they’re on their bikes. 

How to survive Dutch people on bikes

You may think you’re a fairly confident cyclist, but this can mean absolutely nothing when confronted with the hoards of bikes you’ll likely face in any Dutch town or city. Whatever the weather, the Dutch will don the appropriate clothing and hop on a bike to get from point A to point B. 

The problem is, not only are there so many of them, but you also have to know which rules to follow and which ones are generally broken. Tired of being yelled at by a cyclist every time you try to cross a road? This video is for you:

See? It's easy! And before you know it, you'll feel confident on the roads and will be cycling around your neighbourhood like a native. And when you catch yourself yelling at a pedestrian, then you know you've fully acclimatised to the Dutch way of life. 

What scares you the most about Dutch people on bikes? What did you have to get used to? Let us know in the comments!

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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