[Video] The most dangerous places to bike in Amsterdam

[Video] The most dangerous places to bike in Amsterdam

Amsterdam - and the Netherlands on the whole - is known around the world as a bike-crazy capital, a fact that is impossible to ignore if you’ve spent any time in the city at all. As an expat living in Amsterdam then, it’s so easy to hop on a bike to explore your new home and get around, but if you’re not used to cycling then it is important to be careful!

If you’re new to the city - or just looking to make your life that little bit easier and safer - then there are definitely some spots across Amsterdam that would be better to avoid as much as possible. 

The most dangerous streets in Amsterdam when you're a cyclist

The cycling infrastructure across the Netherlands is second to none, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t spots that you should be careful around when biking! As well as having to battle trams, tourists, and speeding locals when you hop on a bike in Amsterdam, you should be aware of some of the most dangerous spots in the city if you’re a cyclist - whether you’re new to the area or still not 100 percent confident on two wheels. 

Do you feel confident cycling in Amsterdam? What are some spots that you feel are especially dangerous?

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Victoria Séveno

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