7 best swimming pools in Amsterdam

7 best swimming pools in Amsterdam

You might not know it (especially as the Netherlands isn’t a country that’s generally known for its nice weather) but there are plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools dotted across Amsterdam. Whether you’re interested in registering your child for a swimming class, are looking for new ways to improve your fitness, or simply want to cool off on a warm summer day - these are the places to do it! 

To those outside of the Dutch capital who are also on the hunt for swimming pools in their local area, we’ve got you covered; check out our list of awesome swimming pools in the Netherlands.

Public swimming pools in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a combination of different swimming facilities. There are a couple of official outdoor swimming spots - including the city beach at Pllek in Amsterdam North - but for those who aren’t too keen on the idea of swimming in the IJ or the Amstel don’t worry, there are plenty of public swimming pools for you to choose from. 

Overall, according to the municipality, there are 16 public swimming pools in Amsterdam, offering both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities. Each is run independently and has something different to offer its visitors. While this guarantees variety, it does also mean that prices differ per swimming pool. 

Generally speaking, you don’t need a membership to access one of the public pools; you just need to have a valid ticket, which can be bought from the counter on the day. In addition to single tickets, some pools will also offer tickets for multiple visits, which are a perfect option for someone who likes to go swimming regularly. Be sure to check out the pool's timetable in advance of your visit, as most will have dedicated sessions for lane swimming, swimming lessons, sports classes, and family swims.

While each pool will set its own rules, generally swimming caps and water shoes aren’t mandatory. 

Swimming lessons and classes in Amsterdam

The majority of swimming pools in Amsterdam offer swimming lessons for children, with many also offering classes for adults. In these classes, students work towards achieving their swimming diploma (zwemdiploma) - either A, B or C depending on their level.

Perhaps unlike your home country, the Dutch are keen to get children in the water and learning to swim as early as possible. Many pools even offer parent and baby classes so infants can get accustomed to being in water. 

Find a swimming pool in Amsterdam

Looking for somewhere to swim in Amsterdam? Here’s a list of some of the indoor and outdoor pools that can be found in the Dutch capital.

Indoor swimming pools in Amsterdam

There are a total of eight indoor swimming pools in Amsterdam - here are our two favourites.


Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter is the Zuiderbad, probably one of the most visually impressive pools in the city. The Zuiderbad offers visitors the opportunity to swim laps or attend aqua sport classes, as well as swimming lessons for children and adults. In addition to an indoor pool, the Zuiderbad also has a wellness area which features steam cabins, herbal baths and infrared cabins. You can book tickets for the different activities online via the Zuiderbad website.

Het Marnix

On the whole, Het Marnix (or the Marnixbad) offers a wider range of aqua fitness classes than the Zuiderbad does, including Aqua Zumba, Fifty Fit, and Aqua HIIT, making it a great choice for those looking for new and fun ways to exercise. The pool also runs swimming lessons for children looking to get their swimming diploma(s). For more information about the activities on offer and the ticket prices, visit the website for Het Marnix.

Outdoor pools in Amsterdam

If you’d rather enjoy a swim in the open air, why not check out one of Amsterdam’s outdoor pools? 


The great thing about the Flevoparkbad is that it’s heated, so you can go and swim even if the weather isn’t nice and warm. Open from the beginning of May through to the beginning of September, the Flevoparkbad has a 50-metre pool, a so-called play island for the younger ones, a playground and sunbathing areas. The Flevoparkbad doesn’t offer swimming lessons or fitness classes. Check the pool’s website for information about prices or to buy a season ticket.


Unlike the Flevoparkbad, the Amstelbad does offer swimming lessons, as well as aquafit classes and private lessons for adults. You could even rent (part of) the pool for an event, and the venue offers packages for (children’s) parties. In addition to single tickets, the Amstelbad also offers tickets valid for 12 visits and season tickets at different rates for children, adults and families. Visit the website for more information.

Facilities with indoor and outdoor pools

Can’t decide between an indoor and outdoor pool? Then a pool with indoor and outdoor facilities is probably the ideal choice for you. Luckily, there are a number dotted across the city.


The Mirandabad has practically everything you could ever want from a public swimming pool. In addition to a wave pool which is open all year round, it has an indoor pool and two outdoor pools. There are also squash courts and wellness facilities if you get bored of all the splashing around. Visit the Mirandabad website to book a timeslot and buy your tickets.


Although not technically located in Amsterdam, Meerkamp’s location in Amstelveen means it's easily accessible by car, public transport, or even bike for many living or working in the Dutch capital. In addition to swimming lessons, this pool offers a range of lessons and fitness classes for people of all ages and even hosts disco swimming parties. Visit the website for information about the pool’s schedule and ticket prices.


On the edge of the Noorderpark in Amsterdam North you’ll find the Noorderparkbad. While the outdoor pool is only open during the spring and summer months, the indoor pool is open to visitors all year round. Like most of the other pools on this list, the Noorderparkbad offers swimming lessons and aquagym classes, and has the space for both lap and recreational swimming. Check the pool’s website for information about prices or to buy your ticket(s).

Gyms with swimming pools

Unsurprisingly, a number of gyms and fitness centres in Amsterdam also feature swimming pools - and occasionally also wellness facilities. Here are a few:

  • Bijlmersportcentrum
  • David Lloyd Amsterdam
  • SwimEasy
  • Hotel & Wellness Zuiver

Time to go swimming in Amsterdam!

There you have it, our guide to the top indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the Dutch capital. Now all that's left to do is to grab your swimming trunks and goggles (and maybe your sunscreen) and hit the water!

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