Second underground bike parking opens at Amsterdam Centraal

Second underground bike parking opens at Amsterdam Centraal

It’s official: Amsterdam is 4.000 bike parking spots richer! This week, the second of two brand-new underground bicycle parking facilities at Amsterdam Centraal opened its doors to the public. 

Another underground bike parking facility opens in Amsterdam

It was only a few weeks ago that those living and working in Amsterdam rejoiced at the news that the underwater parking facility at Stationsplein - which took years to plan and build - was finally opening its doors to the public.

Now that the old fietsflat is officially out of commission, the municipality has opened up a second rather impressive underground parking facility, which on its own has space for a whopping 4.000 bikes. The new facility is located at the rear of the station, underneath the IJboulevard, and makes use of digital signs and lights to show how many and which parking spaces are available. 

IJboulevard transformed into promenade offering views of the IJ

While work on the actual parking facility has been completed, workers are still putting the finishing touches on the above-ground IJboulevard, which will ultimately become a “beautiful area of ​​6,000 square meters, made for walking and enjoying the panoramic view over the IJ.”

The IJboulevard parking is open every day of the week until midnight, and the first 24 hours of parking are completely free. The fietsflat has already closed its doors, and from March 13 municipal workers will gradually start removing the bike racks and bicycles located at the back of Central Station.

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