Welcome to the bike wash! World’s first fietsenwasserette opens in Amsterdam

Welcome to the bike wash! World’s first fietsenwasserette opens in Amsterdam

Taking your car to get cleaned at your local car wash is a fairly standard practice, but have you ever taken a look at your bicycle and wished there was a place you could go to get it all polished up and looking as good as new? 

Well, now there is! Cyclists living in Amsterdam can now take their bike over to the brand new fietsenwasserette - or bike laundrette, for those still struggling to learn Dutch - to get it cleaned! 

Get your bike cleaned at Amsterdam's new bike wash!

Located in the trendy neighbourhood of De Pijp, just outside of the city centre, Chasse Patate opened its doors back in the spring, making it the first bike wash in the world. While your bike is cleaned, you can sit back and relax with a nice cup of coffee, before hopping on and cycling away on your shiny old bike.

Intrigued? You can book an appointment for a 30-minute intensive clean (35 euros) or a 15-minute fast clean (17,50 euros) online via the Chasse Patate website. While the service was designed primarily for racing bikes, you can also take your beloved omafiets in for a good clean if you feel it needs it. 

“Road bikes and gravel bikes have an open chain. They collect dirt, get dirty and wear out. If that happens, you can throw them away,” owner Jeroen Buitenhuis explained to RTL Nieuws. "So it's actually very logical to clean them. The problem is that you can't do that in Amsterdam because you don't have space." He says that some of his customers have travelled from as far away as Rotterdam and Utrecht to get their top-of-the-line bikes cleaned properly.

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