[Video] Meet the Z-Triton, the amphibious e-bike you can sleep in

[Video] Meet the Z-Triton, the amphibious e-bike you can sleep in

It’s likely a thought that many have had: wouldn’t it just be great if your bike could also travel on water and serve as a two-man camper van. No? Just us? 

Well, clearly someone out there had that same thought, as a Latvian company has developed an e-bike that can do just that. Meet the Z-Triton, a bizarre three-in-one vehicle that operates as a bicycle, a boat, and a camper. 

Z-Triton 2.0 amphibious e-bike

Z-Triton 2.0: The future of travel?

Marketed as a 100 percent amphibious camper-trike that "offers you the freedom to travel both over land and water,” the Z-triton is ideal for weekend getaways and both long-distance and short-distance travel. It is designed to sleep or ride two people and is kitted out with a fold-up kitchen table, USB charging, GPS, speakers, and, of course, a built-in pot for your favourite plant. 

Think this is just what you need for your next camping trip? You can pre-order the Z-triton now, with prices starting at just 145 euros. Alternatively, hop on a plane to Latvia and rent one for a unique getaway experience in the town of Valmiera - it’ll cost you just 60 euros a day.

Thumb and image via Z-Triton.

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