[Video] Dutchie breaks world record for toppling mini dominoes

[Video] Dutchie breaks world record for toppling mini dominoes

Wasilja Peterse from Arnhem has officially broken the record for toppling the most mini dominoes! Check out his domino-toppling skills in the video below.

Arnhemmer breaks record for toppling mini dominoes

Back in September, Peterse built what can only be described as a work of art using 3.210 dominoes to ultimately take the record toppling 3.202 mini dominoes. It took him a total of nine hours to construct his domino art, but it took only a few second for all that hard work to fall to the ground - check it out in the video below!

A mini domino is only 10 millimetres high, five millimetres wide, and two millimetres thick - 80 times smaller than your average domino. Many may be tempted to pull their hair out at the thought of having to work with such small materials, but Peterse says he has the perfect pastime for lockdown. “I love to do it, it’s very calming for me,” he says.

It took over six months for Guinness World Records to confirm Peterse record - but this isn’t the Arnhemmer’s first record achievement. Since October 2019 he has held the record for the fastest time to set up and topple 10 juice cartons, which took him only 5,41 seconds! Who knows what he’ll turn his mind to next.

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