Arnhem, The Netherlands

Arnhem, The Netherlands

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Information about Arnhem

Arnhem is the capital city of the province of Gelderland, with a population of more than 150.000. This city is a major centre for governmental, judicial and military offices. Straddling the lower Rhine, it also serves as an important Dutch-German trade location. 

History of Arnhem

Arnhem was first given city rights in 1233, and maintained a reputation as one of the most respectable Dutch resort towns well into the 1800s. Even today, it remains famous for its scenic parks and urban greenery.

Most of the current city was developed in the wake of WWII, after Arnhem was damaged whilst serving as an important military post. British troops were famously captured here in an incident since dramatised in the movie A Bridge Too Far.

Sites & Activities in Arnhem

Arnhem’s Town Hall, complete with many kooky Renaissance decorations, has been given the informal title Duivelshuis (devil’s house). The Groote Kerk (built between 1452 and 1560) is also an impressive site.

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