Dutch tax office Netherlands (Belastingdienst)

Dutch tax office Netherlands (Belastingdienst)

All expats who live and work in the Netherlands will have contact with the Belastingdienst at one point or another.

What is the Belastingdienst?

The Belastingdienst, directly translated as "tax service" or Dutch tax office, is the government department responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes, custom duties and excise duties in the Netherlands. The Dutch tax office falls under the Dutch Ministry of Finance and also manages the payment of social allowances such as healthcare benefits and unemployment benefits.

Expats and the Dutch tax office

Most expats in the Netherlands come into contact with the Belastingdienst when they:

You can access some of the above tax services online, for which you will need to log in using your DigiD.

Other tax organisations in the Netherlands

The Belastingdienst is not the only government organisation in the Netherlands authorised to collect taxes. Local city councils (gemeenten) also collect property, waste and tourist taxes while regional water boards (waterschappen) have rates for flood protection and clean water.

Correspondence with the Belastingdienst

The Belastingdienst has moved all of its communication online since 2016. To receive digital correspondence from the Dutch tax office, instead of the old blue envelopes via mail, you need to set up your online account at using your DigiD.

Note: Never ignore letters or messages from the Dutch tax office! They often require action. 

Calling the Dutch tax office

You can call the Belastingtelefoon for free on 0800 0543 (8am-8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday) to receive information and assistance on all tax-related issues. The phone line is only available in Dutch. Calling from abroad? Call the Belastingdienst on +31 555 385 385.

Belastingdienst phone line and English

Since 2008, the Dutch tax office phone helpdesk is only available to callers in Dutch. This is apparently to avoid misunderstandings between clients and tax office employees, especially if such miscommunications lead to financial mistakes and legal implications.

There is a small chance that employees at local Belastingdienst offices may speak English to you in person, or that written correspondence may receive a reply in English - but it depends on the person who replies. To overcome this language obstacle, it is best to seek out a tax advisor.

Visiting the Dutch tax office

There are Belastingdienst offices all over the Netherlands which you can visit in person. You must make an appointment in advance by calling the Belastingtelefoon on 0800 0543 (free).

Dutch tax office branch locations

You can find your closest Dutch tax office in the Belastingdienst directory. Addresses of branch offices in larger cities are:

Dutch tax office in Amsterdam

Kingsfordweg 1 , 1043 GN, Amsterdam

Dutch tax office in Rotterdam

Laan op Zuid 45, 3072 DB, Rotterdam

Dutch tax office in The Hague

Prinses Beatrixlaan 512, 2595 BL, The Hague

Dutch tax office in Utrecht

Herman Gorterstraat 55, 3511 EW, Utrecht

Dutch tax office in Eindhoven

Karel de Grotelaan 4, 5616 CA, Eindhoven

Opening times are from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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