More people failed to file their Dutch tax return in 2023

More people failed to file their Dutch tax return in 2023

According to figures from the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst), 197.000 people in the Netherlands failed to file their 2022 tax return between March 1 and May 1 - almost double the figure from last year, NU reports. 

197.000 people in the Netherlands missed May 1 tax deadline

While the Dutch tax authorities do issue reminders to ensure the more forgetful among us remember to do their taxes, every year there are a couple of people who slip through the cracks. While last spring only around 100.000 people failed to file their tax return, this year the figure was almost twice as high, with 197.000 missing the deadline on May 1. 

Those who didn’t file their Dutch tax return in March or April were issued with a “friendly reminder” in May. Those who are still yet to do their taxes will receive a second “less friendly” reminder in August, according to NU. Those who haven’t filed by the end of the month will be issued with a fine of upwards of 385 euros.

Dutch tax office says there are various reasons for failing to file

Reminders are issued by post, or through phone calls or text messages sent to the individual’s mobile phone - although, talking to NU, Steef Cobben, manager of income taxes at the Belastingdienst, said most people who missed the deadline have already corrected their mistake. "Two-thirds of the people we texted turned out to have submitted a tax return by July 10.” 

According to Cobben, it can be difficult to determine why exactly people missed the May 1 deadline: "They may have forgotten, people did not understand the declaration program, they were getting divorced or they were travelling for months." Some also admitted that they knew they’d have to pay additional taxes, and so simply refused to file as they were short of cash.

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