Gouda, The Netherlands

Gouda, The Netherlands

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Information on Gouda

Gouda is located in South Holland and has nearly 80.000 inhabitants. It is famous the world over for its cheese, but also has a number of dairy-free attractions and a rich history.

History of Gouda

Gouda was given city rights in 1272 and has undergone some intense transformations throughout its history. First arson, then plague epidemics, economic turmoil and bombings have all helped to change the city - for better and for worse.

But since the mid-20th century, things have been looking up. Following WWII, new neighbourhoods began to spring up (such as Bloemendaal and Gouda-Oost), which saw Gouda almost triple in size.

Sites & Activities in Gouda

Gouda has a number of charming attractions. Its beautiful city hall is one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the entire country. The St. Jans Kerk is another impressive feature: as well as being the longest church in the Netherlands, it also boasts some stunning stained-glass windows.

Culture-wise, the Verzetsmuseum and the Gouda Museum teaches visitors more about the city and its role during WWII. Finally, if you just can’t resist cheesy temptations, then the Cheese Market still runs every Thursday throughout the summer months.

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