Almere, The Netherlands

Almere, The Netherlands

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Information about Almere

A very new Dutch city in the history of the Netherlands, the city of Almere in Flevoland is named for the ancient lake Almere that used to cover the IJsselmeer.

History of Almere

The original plans for the IJsselmeerpolders was for it to be used for agriculture, but after World War II housing was needed for the rapidly growing population of Amsterdam, so a city was planned instead.

Almere’s first house was completed in 1976 and now it has 195.000 inhabitants. Although it is currently the largest municipality in Flevoland, Almere was not recognised as a municipality until 1984.

Sites & Activities in Almere

Almere is a very green city, with an abundance of water bodies, parks and other green verges lining the residential districts. It is also very culturally diverse, with residents hailing from 181 different ethnicities and 153 different nationalities.

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