Vereniging - Association

Vereniging - Association

The vereniging, or association, is a business structure that is used by two or more individuals with a common focus. Familiar examples include the VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaars) for property owners who share a building, the vereniging ondernemers association for business owners in a shopping street, and sports or educational associations. The purpose of a vereniging is usually the fulfilment of common goals and the maintenance of shared facilities and resources.

A vereniging is made up of members and an appointed committee including a chair, secretary and treasurer. Staff can be employed if necessary but should not be on the committee.

Two kinds of vereniging

There are two kinds of vereniging in the Netherlands:

Association with full legal capacity (vereniging met volledige rechtsbevoegdheid)

Members are not liable for its obligations. This type must have a deed drafted by a notary and be registered in the KvK.

Association with limited legal capacity (vereniging met beperkte rechtsbevoegdheid)

Members are personally liable for its obligations. This type does not require a notarial deed or KvK registration.

The vereniging in a nutshell

  • Establishment: notarial deed of incorporation for a vereniging with full legal capacity
  • Capital required: none, notarial costs
  • Governance: committee (chair, secretary, treasurer)
  • Liability: private except for a vereniging with full legal capacity
  • Social security: no social security benefits for committee members
  • Taxation: corporation tax if it operates as a business

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