Stichting - Foundation

Stichting - Foundation

The stichting, or foundation, is a business form that is most often used for social, cultural or non-profit organisations. The main aim is to benefit the stichting’s cause or purpose, rather than turn a profit for the founders. A stichting can be set up by an individual or a group, requires a deed drafted by a notary and must be registered with the KvK.

The structure of a stichting

Unlike other business forms, the board of directors may not be in paid employment by the stichting. A stichting can choose to operate as a commercial business (employing labour to generate profit via commercial activities and transactions), in which case it will need to pay corporation tax and BTW. If a stitching does not operate as a commercial business then it is usually exempt from these tax forms. Whatever the case, any profits must be allocated to the cause of the stichting.

The stichting in a nutshell

  • Establishment: notarial deed of incorporation
  • Capital required: none, notarial costs
  • Governance: board of directors
  • Liability: board of directors in cases of negligence
  • Social security: no social security benefits as the board is not in paid employment
  • Taxation: corporation tax and BTW if operating as a business

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