[Video] A Dutch NYE tradition: Kniepertjes and nieuwjaarsrolletjes

[Video] A Dutch NYE tradition: Kniepertjes and nieuwjaarsrolletjes

Oliebollen may be the New Year’s sweet treat that everyone knows and loves, but they aren’t the only traditional snacks that people in the Netherlands enjoy on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Inject a little bit of Dutch tradition into your celebrations this year with this recipe for kniepertjes and nieuwjaarsrolletjes

What are kniepertjes and nieuwjaarsrolletjes?

Kniepertjes are extremely thin and sweet wafers, and are traditionally eaten around New Year’s in the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen, and Twente, as well as in parts of Gelderland and Overijssel. 

While kniepertjes can be served flat and eaten like regular biscuits, sometimes they are also rolled and left to cool before being filled with whipped cream. Called nieuwjaarsrolletjes, the idea behind this version of the treat is that, when eaten on January 1, the roll represents the new year which is yet to be “unrolled” and explored. 

Versions of kniepertjes can be found in countries across Europe, including in Norway (krumkake) and Switzerland (bricelets).

A recipe for Dutch New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day biscuits 

Interested to try out these sweet festive snacks for yourself? Of course, you could go out and buy them at a bakery or supermarket, but why not have a go at making them at home! Not only does it give you the chance to put your baking skills to the test, but it’s also a fun activity the whole family can take part in. 

Want to try your hand at making other Dutch festive snacks? Check out these recipes for oliebollen and kerststollen.

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