Dutch foods for special occasions

Dutch foods for special occasions

Various Dutch foods are only prepared for certain special occasions. Here are some examples:

Beschuit met Muisjes®

Dutch crisp bakes sprinkled with “mice” or sugared aniseeds. Often coloured blue or pink, and served to celebrate a birth.

Speculaas and pepernoten

Little biscuits or biscuit drops made with a special spice mix, served around the Sinterklaas holiday.


Two puff pastry rectangles with sweet, custardy pastry cream in between. The top rectangle is spread with pink frosting, but it is often coloured orange for King’s Day.


Bread made with almond paste, raisins and candied orange peel. Served for Easter.


A bread much like the Paasbrood, but with powdered sugar on top. Served for Christmas.


Dough balls filled with raisins, fried in oil and served with powdered sugar for New Year’s Eve.

*Muisjes®  is a registered trademark of Koninklijke De Ruijter B.V.

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