7 best places to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

7 best places to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

The Netherlands might not be known for its rich traditional cuisine, but if there’s one thing the Dutch do well it’s pancakes. Nowadays there are plenty of restaurants, brunch spots and pancake houses dotted across the Dutch capital where locals and tourists alike can enjoy a wide range of pancake dishes. 

Pancake houses and cafes in Amsterdam

Whether you’re a fan of thick American pancakes drowning in maple syrup, or prefer a Dutch pannenkoek served with cheese and bacon, here are our picks for the best places to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

Boerderij Meerzicht

This spot is the ideal place to head to with the family on a sunny weekend in the city. There’s plenty of outdoor seating, as well as a large playground for the little ones to enjoy and some deer for them to feed. The farm is located in the heart of the Amsterdamse Bos, so you can combine your meal of pancakes with a nice walk through the park. Boerderij Meerzicht has an extensive menu, serving traditional Dutch pancakes with practically any and every topping you can imagine.

MOAK Pancakes

MOAK Pancakes - a name which was inspired by the unofficial nickname for Amsterdam, Mokum - has three locations across the Dutch capital and specialises in stacks of American pancakes, many of which have fun names such as “The Mancake” and “The No Diggity”. If you’re not the biggest pancake fan then not to worry; MOAK also serves sweet and savoury toast dishes. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam

If you’re wanting to eat pancakes, heading to a place called PANCAKES is probably a good place to start. Like MOAK, there are numerous PANCAKES Amsterdam restaurants to be found across the city, most of which are centrally located, making it easily accessible by foot, bike or public transport. One is even located at the back of Amsterdam Centraal offering lovely views of the IJ. PANCAKES restaurants serve both Dutch and American pancakes, as well as another Dutch snack: poffertjes.

The Pancake Club

The Pancake Club is a great choice for tourists visiting Amsterdam, as not only is it in the heart of the city only a stone’s throw away from hotspots such as Leidseplein and Vondelpark, but it’s somehow also managed to achieve a scenic atmosphere, located as it is on the banks of the Singelgracht. The Pancake Club has a relatively small menu, but has everything you need from a traditional Dutch pancake house, including poffertjes.

De Carrousel Pannenkoeken

De Carrousel is another fun spot for those with kids, as the restaurant has a small carousel right in the centre of the cafe. Situated opposite the Heineken Experience, it’s in a practical location for tourists and its outdoor terrace allows diners to people (and boat) watch while they enjoy their traditional Dutch pancakes or poffertjes. In addition to the usual suspects, you’ll also find Belgian waffles, sandwiches, burgers, omelettes, and - perhaps surprisingly - English breakfast on the menu at De Carrousel - but the pancakes are very much the star of the show.

The Pancake Bakery

Located in a 17th-century building on the Prinsengracht that is a former warehouse for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) you’ll find The Pancake Bakery. The cosy interiors make this a great place to stop for some breakfast or an afternoon snack while you’re out exploring the canals or perhaps after visiting the nearby Anne Frank House, and you can treat yourself to one of the many delicious pancakes that can be found on the menu.

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

Last but not least, The Happy Big Pancake Shop is the ideal spot for those who are in need of a bite on the go, and aren’t fussed about having a proper sit-down meal. If you find yourself feeling peckish while out and about in the centre of Amsterdam, why not stop and grab a sweet or savoury Dutch pancake as a little pick-me-up? You can select your toppings to build your own pancake - or perhaps you’d rather opt for a waffle - perch on the outdoor bench and enjoy before heading off on your way again.

Enjoy a pannenkoek or a stack of pancakes in the Dutch capital!

Whether you’re just visiting the Netherlands for a couple of days and want to immerse yourself in as many elements of the Dutch culture and traditions as possible, or live in the Dutch capital and are looking for new places to head to with friends and family on the weekends, we’re sure that at least one of these pancake houses will hit the spot! 

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