Brunch in Amsterdam: 11 best breakfast places in the city

Brunch in Amsterdam: 11 best breakfast places in the city

Savoury or sweet, healthy granola or a greasy fry-up - regardless of what you like, brunch certainly has something for everyone and every occasion. If you’re visiting Amsterdam and are looking for the best spots to hit up for breakfast, or are on the hunt for where to host your next bottomless brunch with friends, there’s plenty of choice in the Dutch capital. 

11 best places to have brunch and breakfast in Amsterdam

Not a huge fan of the traditional Dutch breakfast? Bored of bread with hagelslag and slices of cheese? Here are our top picks for brunch spots in Amsterdam, offering a wide variety of food for every diet, season, and occasion.

The Breakfast Club Amsterdam - The best all-rounder 

Kicking things off with a classic, The Breakfast Club has locations dotted all over Amsterdam (and Bussum!):

  • De Pijp (Amsterdam)
  • Roetersstraat (Amsterdam)
  • Sloterdijk (Amsterdam)
  • Zuidas (Amsterdam)
  • Haarlemmerplein (Amsterdam)
  • Bellamystraat (Amsterdam)
  • Wibaoutstraat (Amsterdam)
  • Brinklaan (Bussum)

The fact that there are numerous locations means it’s easily accessible by foot, bike and public transport, and - as the name suggests - The Breakfast Club specialises in any and all kinds of breakfast and brunch dishes; think everything from syrupy pancake stacks and chicken and waffles, to English breakfasts and huevos rancheros.

Coffee & Coconuts - All-day breakfast

Pretty much all the spots on this list will serve breakfast throughout the day, but if you’re after a true all-day breakfast then Coffee & Coconuts is the place to go. Located in De Pijp in a former 1920s cinema, the rustic brickwork and greenery provide a little calming oasis in the hustle and bustle of the Dutch capital. Alongside their beer, cocktail, and snack menu, Coffee & Coconuts serves breakfast from 8am right through till closing time. 

Sango Amsterdam - A cheap breakfast

“Cheap” and “Amsterdam” are not two words that you’ll hear together very often, but there are a couple of spots worth heading to if you’re after a quick and cheap bite to eat before starting your day. You could head to somewhere like Hema or IKEA if you’re after a real bargain, but if you’re looking for a more aesthetic dining experience, be sure to check out Sango Amsterdam, a cute little cafe selling speciality coffees, cakes, and a limited breakfast menu.

Greenwoods - English breakfast in Amsterdam

Greenwoods is another extremely popular brunch spot in Amsterdam, and both locations in the Netherlands (which can be found on the Singel and Keizersgracht) generally have queues for tables. The restaurants are small and cosy, and serve plenty of different breakfast dishes all day including - of course - the classic English breakfast. 

FACTORY GIRL - Best for vegan breakfasts

The Dutch might be famous for their cheese and meat dishes, but did you know that Amsterdam actually has plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants? This is also true when it comes to the city’s breakfast haunts. FACTORY GIRL (which also has a cafe in Berlin) has a menu wholly consisting of Mediterranean-inspired vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Miss G’s - The best waffles in Amsterdam

Waffles might not be one of the first breakfast dishes you think of, but it’s hard to deny that the traditionally American dish has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. In Amsterdam, you might be surprised to hear that there are a couple of different restaurants that serve waffles, but Miss G’s - with their locations in De Pijp and a boat(!) in the city centre - have the widest variety of waffle dishes, including, of course, the classic chicken & waffles.


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Staring at Jacob - Best for American breakfast

Americans are pretty good at breakfasts, and because of the variety of dishes that are traditionally eaten for breakfast (or brunch) in the US it’s likely that everyone has a different idea of what a good American breakfast looks like. Staring at Jacob - an American-inspired brunch bar - does a pretty good job of capturing what you expect from an American breakfast - plus cocktails! 

Omelegg - Best for all things eggs

If you’re a traditionalist at heart and believe that the best breakfasts must include eggs, then Omelegg - as the name suggests - is the place for you! There are two locations in Amsterdam, one in the city centre and one in De Pijp, and all they serve is eggs - or omelettes, to be more specific. If you’re tired of always having the same old omelette, feel free to be a little more adventurous and try the Viking Fisherman (smoked salmon, chives, dill, creme fraiche, citrus zest), the Pastrami Avocado (beef pastrami, avocado, tomato, mustard, cheese) or the Banana Peanutbutter (banana, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon).


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Little Collins - Most out-of-the-box brunch

Those who like to experiment a little more when it comes to food would probably feel pretty comfortable having brunch at Little Collins. The menu changes all the time, so you can’t ever know exactly what to expect, but generally the dishes are full of flavour, texture, and ingredients you’d never think to combine. Sound like something for you? Head to their brunch location in De Pijp.

De Bar - Best bottomless brunch

While a couple of spots on this list also offer bottomless brunch (we're looking at you, Staring at Jacob and Miss G's), De Bar has got to be the bottomless brunch spot in Amsterdam - especially for those who like a bargain. Located in the No Man's Art Gallery, De Bar gives you three hours of bottomless mimosas for 18 euros per person. Our top tip? Pair them with the Big Brunch, which comes with pretty much everything you could want from a brunch dish (including scrambled eggs, avocado, and American pancakes).

PLUK Amsterdam - Healthy brunch spot

PLUK is a great place for those who like bright and airy breakfast spots, and with two locations right in the heart of the Negen Straatjes in the city centre, they’re also primely located for those looking for a healthy bite before going off to explore the canals. Alongside cute shops selling a wealth of goods, PLUK has cafes serving coffee, fresh juices, poke bowls, smoothie bowls, sandwiches and pancakes. 

Bakers & Roasters - The best breakfast in Amsterdam

Picking just one Amsterdam brunch spot out of all the ones on offer in the city is no easy feat, but the most popular among locals and tourists alike has got to be Bakers & Roasters - and all those people can’t be wrong! If you’re heading here for some food be prepared to wait for a table, as there’s almost always a queue up the street at both their Amsterdam locations. But, once finally seated, get ready to enjoy plenty of delicious food.

Let’s brunch, Amsterdam! 

There you have it, brunch-lovers, the creme de la creme of Amsterdam breakfast spots. Now all that’s left to do is to make sure all those conversations about bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict make it out of the group chat. 

Have we left your favourite brunch spot off the list? Be sure to share it in the comments below!

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