Looking for some fine dining? Avoid Amsterdam - head to Rotterdam!

Looking for some fine dining? Avoid Amsterdam - head to Rotterdam!

Looking to treat yourself to some tasty Michelin-starred food now that restaurants have reopened? Well, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, but you’ll likely know that while the meal is sure to be delicious, it’s also pretty much guaranteed to be expensive. 

Looking for a Michelin meal that doesn’t break the bank? A recent study found that you’re best off avoiding Amsterdam and heading to Rotterdam instead!

The Netherlands home to plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants

Heading to one of the Netherlands' 113 Michelin-starred restaurants means you’re sure to be in for a real treat, but it can also end up costing you quite a bit of money. In fact, research conducted by Chef’s Pencil, a website that publishes reports on news and trends within the catering industry, found that, in the Netherlands, the top-priced Michelin tasting menu would set you back 204 euros per person. 

This may sound pricey, but it is in fact fairly reasonable compared to other countries; the Netherlands was ranked as the ninth most affordable country when it comes to top-rated Michelin-starred dining. Thailand took the top spot (150 euros for the tasting menu), while Denmark was found to be the priciest (349 euros). On average, the most expensive tasting menu at a two-starred Michelin restaurant will put you back 218 euros, while at a three-starred restaurant you’re looking at 309 euros.

An evening of fine dining in Rotterdam versus Amsterdam

But what about within the Netherlands? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Amsterdam is where you’ll find the most expensive restaurants. In fact, the Dutch capital ranked as the eighth most expensive city for Michelin dining, with the top-priced tasting menu - which typically includes between eight and 12 courses - coming in at 277 euros. 

Rotterdam, on the other hand, certainly offers more affordable options, and was ranked as the fourth most affordable city behind the likes of Bangkok and Seoul. If you’re planning a night at a two or three-starred Michelin restaurant in this Dutch port city, you can expect to fork out 187 euros for the tasting menu.

“Rotterdam is a gastronomic powerhouse, [and] is home to nine Michelin-starred restaurants,” writes Chef’s Pencil. “For an average priced menu, dining out in Rotterdam is also very affordable compared to its global peers or Amsterdam. What is more, all three top-rated Michelin restaurants in Rotterdam offer substantially lower-priced lunch menus ranging between 59 and 140 euros.”

For more information about the report, visit the Chef's Pencil website.

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