Dutch breakfast

Dutch breakfast

Dutch breakfast can vary. Most common are bread slices with sweet or savoury spreads, as well as muesli and yogurt. Dairies such as cheeses, milk and eggs often play a role in the first meal of the day in the Netherlands. Some other classics are:

Bread with chocolate sprinkles

Usually sliced bread, spread with butter or margarine, and sprinkled with grains of chocolate.

Rye bread

Dutch rye bread is different from other countries’ rye bread. Officially, rye bread is not even considered to be a bread. It is a dense bake, made from broken rye grain. Sometimes it is chosen over normal bread for certain health benefits, and for the heavier texture and heartier flavour. Different Dutch regions have different recipes for rye bread.


Soft roll, filled with currants. Quite sweet and wholesome.

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