First vegan supermarket to open in Amsterdam in 2021

First vegan supermarket to open in Amsterdam in 2021

The Netherlands’ first vegan supermarket is coming to Amsterdam, and it’s set to open in January 2021. 

First Dutch Vegan supermarket

Vegan Fresco - the brainchild of James Fresco, who has been actively involved in various start-ups over the last decade - will be the first 100 percent vegan and plant-based supermarket to open in the Netherlands

James surveyed 20.000 residents in Amsterdam West around the Jan Evertsenstraat - where the supermarket will open in January - and was overwhelmed with thousands of positive responses: “A great initiative,” “I can’t wait,” and “Why has this taken so long” were just some of the replies to his questions. A whopping 56,4 percent of respondents said they would want to shop at Vegan Fresco if (or rather, when) it opened. 

Construction of Vegan Fresco is underway

Vegan Fresco is now under construction, and James is planning on opening its doors mid-January. Until then, he is working on selecting products for the unique range. 

In December, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to raise funds for the shop, and James has asked the public to put forward ideas and suggestions for stock so as to ensure that Vegan Fresco can cater to the needs of its customers: “Together we create a beautiful store."

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