FEBO opens new shop at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

FEBO opens new shop at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Dutch fast-food favourite FEBO has announced the opening of a new store conveniently located for any hungry Dutchie (or expat!) looking for a quick kroket on the way back from a long trip. The company opened the door to a new store in front of the airport security checkpoint at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

FEBO opens its doors at Schiphol Airport

It happens to the best of us - you head back to your home country for a while and enjoy the local delicacies, time with your family and fun with friends, but something always feels missing… That thing? Dutch food, of course! Thankfully you’ll now be able to get your fill as soon as you land in the Netherlands thanks to FEBO’s new store at Schiphol, meaning you’ll never need to look far for a bamischijf or kaassoufflé ever again. 

All jokes aside, the iconic Dutch fast food joint hopes to catch the eye of many hungry flyers during its long opening hours between 10am and 10pm, where passersby can grab a quick Broodje Kippy from the shop's famous snack wall!

Schiphol sees FEBO as a strong local brand loved by travellers and employees

For Schiphol, the opening of a FEBO outlet is a positive development. The airport employs tens of thousands of workers who will benefit from the new food offering, as well as the flying customers. 

“At Schiphol we strive to continuously improve our offering by improving quality, diversity and recognisability. Introducing a strong, local brand such as FEBO contributes to this. We are convinced that both travellers and people who work at Schiphol will be happy with this addition to the offering at Schiphol Plaza,” Hans de Groot, Head of Retail, F&B Commercial Services explained in a press release.

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