Amsterdam is home to one of the best pizza restaurants in Europe

Amsterdam is home to one of the best pizza restaurants in Europe

Amsterdam is home to one of the best pizza restaurants in all of Europe, according to a guide from the Italian pizza review site 50 Top Pizza. The ranking named NNea as the ninth-best pizza restaurant on the continent. 

NNea in Amsterdam praised for ingredients and wine list

A pizza restaurant based in Amsterdam Oud-West, NNea received compliments from the organisation behind the ranking. 50 Top Pizza, a guide to the best pizzerias in Italy and around the world, complemented NNea for the purity of its ingredients, as well as its extensive wine list. 

The organisation also praised the restaurant’s “welcoming” furnishings and recommended that diners try the Provola e pepe and Oro di Bufala. The review did however note that the success of the restaurant and the popularity of their food means that those hoping to dine there need to reserve a table a few months in advance. 

Top pizza restaurants in Europe 2023

The ranking also named 49 other great pizza restaurants as part of their annual ranking. According to their reviews, the best pizza restaurant outside Italy is Sartoria Panatieri in Barcelona. Here, diners can expect fresh local produce and truly delicious pizzas. 

According to 50 Top Pizza’s review, “Their motto is “from the farm to the pizza” and it’s not just a saying but a way of being and understanding gastronomy. The surroundings are minimal and there is a cheerful atmosphere.”

They also stated that “a lot of care is put into each stage of preparation such as the excellent homemade cured meats. The dough is left to leaven slowly for 48 hours as a whole and then another 12 hours as single dough portions. It is a product full of personality and the pizza toppings are always balanced.” The reviewers recommend trying the “salsa de tomates cherry asados, and mozzarella y holandesa de albahaca.”

Top 10 pizza restaurants in Europe 2023

According to 50 Top Pizza’s ranking, these are the top 10 best pizza restaurants in Europe:

  • 1. Sartoria Panatieri, Barcelona
  • 2. Baest, Copenhagen
  • 3. 50 Kalo, London
  • 4. Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Vienna
  • 5. Pizza Zulu, Fuerth
  • 6. Fratelli Figurato, Madrid
  • 7. Forza, Helsinki
  • 8. Napoli On The Road, London
  • 9. NNea, Amsterdam
  • 10. La Balmesina, Barcelona

For the full report, see the 50 Top Pizza ranking.



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Mandoist 18:42 | 30 November 2023

Saw this about a month ago. NNea is a good version of Napoli pizza crust. But more of a 'chi-chi' pizza. Regardless of a superior wine list, there are a scant few other more authentic Italian pizza places. I was shocked a few years back to find "De Pizza Bakkers" in A'dam and (my favorite) in Leiden. I immediately recognized the Roman style texture and flavor of their pizza dough. If they could import the Tuscan water it would be exactly like Roman dough/breads. They import amazing stuff like Ndua (sausage) and more. Not only do they brew their own (2) beers -- they make authentic, kick-ass Limoncello. Thought it was worth more than just a mention!