14 most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam

14 most romantic restaurants in Amsterdam

If you’re planning a special evening out with your other half, why not enjoy a delicious meal by candlelight in one of the many charming spots in Amsterdam? Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or date night, here are some of the best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam for the perfect evening out.

Cosy restaurants in Amsterdam for date night

The small sizes of restaurants in Amsterdam easily create a cosy atmosphere. Add soft lighting, some subtle music, heartwarming food and a bottle of wine and you’ve got all the key ingredients for a romantic evening! If this is what you're looking for, then these will be the best date restaurants for you.

De Belhamel Amsterdam

Located near Jordaan, De Belhamel is possibly the most romantic restaurant in Amsterdam. During summer, you can enjoy dinner with a view on its charming waterfront terrace, which overlooks a cute bridge and the sparkling water of the canals. When winter creeps in, the art-nouveau interior and mood lighting provide the perfect escape from the cold weather. This welcoming atmosphere combined with French and Italian cuisine will bring out all your warm and fuzzy feelings.


Chez Georges

Chez Georges is an intimate restaurant that serves classic French and Belgian cuisine. Each table is only reserved once per night, encouraging you to linger and bask in the living-room-style atmosphere with your companion. You can choose your own starters and mains or you can let the staff recommend one of their set menu options and be surprised by the wonderful flavours. 

Bistrot des Alpes

Do you wish you were in the French Alps? With the warm and gooey cheese fondue, raclette and gratins Savoyard at Bistrot des Alpes, you’ll be transported there with your meal. For your romantic evening out, you can get all the charm and rustic cabin feel of visiting a Swiss ski resort without leaving Amsterdam. 

Fancy restaurants in Amsterdam for a romantic evening

What could be better to celebrate a special occasion than getting dressed up and going somewhere extravagant? When it comes to fancy restaurants, Amsterdam has some great spots. Try one of these restaurants if you want to enjoy a top-notch meal in a luxurious setting:

De Kas

Sitting inside a beautifully lit greenhouse, looking up at the stars, and eating an exceptional Michelin star meal is what you can expect from an evening at De Kas. This restaurant has fixed menus that change seasonally, offering up to six courses of delicious food featuring fruit and vegetables grown in the De Kas garden. 


De Silveren Spiegel

De Silveren Spiegel is a fine-dining restaurant located in a historic building in Amsterdam. You can sit inside surrounded by candlelight and huddle up with your date in front of the hearth, or sit outside by the canal watching the boats go by. While you enjoy the intimate atmosphere during your date, you can savour the high-class Dutch food that looks and tastes like art. 

Romantic Amsterdam restaurants with a view 

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, so why not take advantage of that during a special evening? Here are some dazzling spots to grab dinner with a view in Amsterdam:


Situated on the 19th floor of the A’DAM Tower, Moon gives guests a breathtaking view of the IJ River. As the restaurant spins, you and your other half can take in new spectacular views throughout your meal. Changing with the seasons, the menu has at least four courses that focus on local ingredients to give you a unique culinary experience.


Wolf Atelier

If you’re on the other side of the IJ river, the floor-to-ceiling windows at Wolf Atelier give you a fantastic view of the A’DAM Tower. So if you’re a big fan of heights but you still want to get a marvellous view of Amsterdam, this restaurant located in a monumental railway bridge suspended above the water is the place to go. Wolf Atelier has set menus of four to five courses jam-packed with innovative flavours. There is even a 15-course menu that showcases the restaurant’s most daring creations for a tasty culinary adventure. 

Ciel Bleu

As one of the best restaurants in the Netherlands with two Michelin stars, Ciel Bleu is bound to provide the perfect spot for an elegant dinner. Located on the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, the restaurant's view of the Dutch capital is truly stunning. The food looks incredible too, combining refined flavours with beautiful plating - a top-notch gastronomic delight!

Cheap romantic restaurants Amsterdam

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice time out with your significant other. These are some of the best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam that have oodles of charm and are still budget-friendly:

Night Kitchen

A modern Mediterranean gastro bar, Night Kitchen is more than just dining but is also a fun experience. If you’re planning a double date, the Dinner with Friends menu is a delicious, affordable option where you receive a personalised menu served family-style. With generous portion sizes and a cosy atmosphere, this restaurant is sure to make your dinner date an enjoyable one. 


Restaurant Zaza’s

Zaza’s is an intimate restaurant with only 12 tables, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere that is ideal for a romantic night. Reasonable menu prices and a theme based on the English comedy series Absolutely Fabulous ensure that you and your date will enjoy the evening to the fullest with heartwarming food! 


Pasta, pasta and more pasta! Gustatio is the place to go to enjoy authentic Italian dishes with your beloved. In this intimate location, you can start your evening off with focaccia to share, savour a creamy carbonara or gnocchi, and have one of the many desserts to cap off your tasty and filling meal. 

Romantic dinner experiences in Amsterdam

If you really want to impress your date and give them a night to remember, these romantic dinner experiences in Amsterdam will allow you to create some long-lasting memories:

Pasta e Basta 

At Pasta e Basta, you don’t need to serenade your date because the singing waiters will! An evening at this Italian restaurant is an unforgettable experience with set menus of four to five courses, warm lighting and live entertainment from the professional singing waitstaff. 


Romantic dinner cruise Amsterdam

Explore the picturesque views of Amsterdam with a romantic canal cruise including dinner where you can listen to the soft waves of the canal lulling you into quiet conversation. You can also consider making the evening more intimate by having a private boat tour with some prosecco and tasty snacks.  


An evening at the Vuurtoreneiland (Lighthouse Island) is like a mini romantic holiday. This little island just off Amsterdam is only accessible by ferry. After an hour-long boat trip with tasty snacks and gorgeous views, and a chance to explore the island, you can enjoy a six-course menu of modern Dutch cuisine with French and Mediterranean influences. Your mini-adventure ends with dessert served on the boat ride back to Amsterdam. 

It is important to note that you cannot access the island without a reservation, which you can make on the Vuurtoreneiland website.   


Enjoy your date night in Amsterdam!

There’s no doubt that Amsterdam can be a romantic city, and with so many cosy restaurants, you can discover a new one each time date night comes along. Enjoy exploring them with your significant other and keep the love alive!

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