[Video] Man whips out airfryer and cooks himself a snack on NS train

[Video] Man whips out airfryer and cooks himself a snack on NS train

Have you ever found yourself sitting on a train, travelling from point A to point B, wishing you’d taken the time to stop and buy yourself a snack at the station beforehand? Perhaps you’d wished you’d packed the ingredients to make yourself a little sandwich to tide you over until you make it to your final destination? 

If so, then this man is probably your new hero; on Wednesday afternoon, a passenger on a train found himself feeling a little peckish, and proceeded to unpack an airfryer, plug it in, and make himself some food

Passenger on Dutch train gets hungry, cooks a kaassoufflé

Other passengers on the train - which was travelling the route between Dordrecht and Tilburg - were surprised when one of their fellow passengers didn’t use one of the train’s many plug sockets to charge his mobile phone or plug in his laptop, but instead to plug in his own airfryer. 

Whether he hadn’t had time to pop to the shops before embarking on his journey, or was instead trying to save a little bit of money by using someone else’s energy, the traveller apparently went about his business as if it was the most normal thing in the world to fry some kaassoufflés on a busy train. 

Curious to see how it all went down? Take a look at the video below:

So, the next time you're worried about whether the food you're eating on public transport smells, remember that at least you didn't cook it while en route!

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