[Video] Oliebollen Recipe: Dutch New Year's Treat

[Video] Oliebollen Recipe: Dutch New Year's Treat

Oliebollen are a popular seasonal treat in the Netherlands. Their name literally means oil balls, and, as the name might suggest, they are deep-fried in oil. Delicious! Why not stock up on the necessary ingredients and have a go at making your own this year and embrace the Dutch New Year's tradition?

A Dutch New Year's Eve tradition: Oliebollen

The sweet, delicious fritters are typically eaten on New Year's Eve, although you'll see them for sale from around October onwards at special oliebollen stalls in most Dutch cities and towns. So, thanks to the specially-dedicated stalls selling these traditional Dutch snacks throughout the winter, it's safe to say that newcomers to the Netherlands would be excused for thinking oliebollen are a Christmas or Sinterklaas tradition, rather than a New Year's one! You learn something new every day.

How to make Dutch oliebollen

They are made with wheat flour, yeast, eggs, milk, sugar and a pinch of salt, and deep-fried in vegetable oil. They can also contain raisins or currants, but this is optional. One thing that is a must is to dust them in a generous layer of powdered sugar AKA confectioners sugar.

Watch this comprehensive video to find out how you can make your own Dutch oliebollen:

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