Amsterdam restaurant offers a unique and safe dining experience in greenhouses

Amsterdam restaurant offers a unique and safe dining experience in greenhouses

Coronavirus-related measures are gradually being relaxed across the Netherlands, but there is still a need for cautious optimism. That's why Mediamatic in Amsterdam is set to offer a unique dining experience in outdoor greenhouses, ensuring that customers can maintain social distancing measures whilst enjoying a delicious dining experience.

Plant-based meals in greenhouses

Very soon, Mediamatic will be offering plant-based meals for two served inside the greenhouses where customers can be sure that they are staying at a safe distance from other members of the public. The row of greenhouses along the Oosterdok waterfront offers beautiful views for customers looking for a change from the usual home cooking or ordering takeaway food!

As soon as the restaurant has permission to operate, the new arrangement will be set in motion. Customers can already begin booking a table for two on the Mediamatic website - in fact, it's already booked out for quite a lot of May and June! But keep an eye on the Mediamatic website to plan your unique dining experience that complies with the 1,5-metre society rules!

Mediamatic is an arts centre that focuses on nature, biotechnology and the coming together of art and science. “In these times, we are re-inspired by contamination precautions and the redesign of togetherness. Our greenhouses protect you from the outside and others while offering you a unique experience of intimate dining.”

Photo credit: Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic Amsterdam Mediamatic separate restaurant tables in greenhouses

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