Famous Amsterdam chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely opens its own bar

Famous Amsterdam chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely opens its own bar

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Who doesn't love discovering bars and cafes in the Dutch capital? Now, Amsterdam’s favourite chocolate brand, Tony’s Chocolonely, has its own bar!

A bar in central Amsterdam dedicated to chocolate

Bars and cafes reopened at the beginning of summer after having been closed to help prevent further spread of coronavirus. Tony’s Chocolonely Bar is the newest addition to Amsterdam, which opened its doors for the first time this summer.

At the very edge of the iconic Beurs van Berlage building on Damrak, within view of Amsterdam Central Station, a cafe dedicated to fair trade and striving to bring slave-free chocolate to the world is full of delicious and adventurous treats. 

Brand manager Marieke van Elk says: “We are always looking for ways to get in touch with our chocolate fans. This bar is not just a place where we immerse people in our chocolate. We also want to make people here aware of the unevenly distributed chocolate industry, resulting in modern slavery and child labour on the cocoa plantations in West Africa.”

Chocolate and more at Tony’s Chocolonely Bar

You can decorate your own cakes with chocolate at the chocolate taps. There are milkshakes, hot chocolate, all kinds of different baked goods from shortcake to croissants and from s’mores to salted caramel cake. One of the specialities is the burger-like dessert - a sweet chocolatey pattie in the shape of a burger, topped with marshmallows and other sweet treats.

The bar is made with the chocolate lover in mind, but there is also plenty for those with an appetite for something savoury. You’ll also find sandwiches, croquettes, sweet potato fries and other tasty savoury bites.

Have a drink at the chocolate bar

If you’re stopping by to quench your thirst, you’ll find quite an outside-the-box drinks menu - think chocolate liqueur and chocolate cocktails (is chocktails a word?). You’ll even find the raspberry popping candy chocolate made into its very own kind of cocktail. Of course, there are plenty of everyday beers, with Heineken on tap and bottled beers from local breweries like Oedipus and Brouwerij ’t IJ.

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