[Video] How to make traditional Dutch boterkoek

[Video] How to make traditional Dutch boterkoek

It’s nearly Easter and that means it's time to treat yourself! Why not eat some Dutch food? Most Dutch bakeries will have boterkoek, or butter cake. You may have even tried boterkoek at the home of a Dutch friend or in a cafe in the Netherlands. Well, now it's time to try making your own!

Bake your own traditional Dutch cake this Easter

Butter cake is a dense, delicious traditional dutch treat that brings together butter, flour, eggs, sugar, optional vanilla extract and almonds. Here you’ll find the instructions in English and a link to the recipe. The video walks you through the process, step by step.

It even shows you two ways of making it, in the typical round form that you commonly see in Dutch bakeries and supermarkets and in a rectangle form. My personal favourite is the round version, but there’s nothing more irritating than following a recipe and finding out your creation will look nothing like in the example. So, if you’re stuck with only a square or rectangle tin, never fear!

Decorate your cake with zig-zags and almonds!

Don't forget to add a finishing touch. The video gives you ideas on how to decorate your cake in criss-cross patterns with a fork, as well as optional almonds dotted around the surface of the cake. You can really get creative with this, adding your own unique take on zig-zags.

Boterkoek is perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. Have fun baking and eet smakkelijk!

What's your favourite traditional Dutch food? Perhaps you know some regional specialities?

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