Queen's Day: The day after

So, you have had another great Queen's Day, and boy do you know it, you have got the head ache to prove it!

You have had your fill of bitterballen, beer and all kinds of other, although really tasty, not the most healthy snacks and drinks. If you are like me, you are feeling slightly guilty about having over done it, and have a very bad case of "the day after the night before."

In cases like this, you will be glad to know, I have a plan. A food plan at least, to get you through the day after. I have a two-pronged strategy! Either you are repenting and you want only cleansing super healthy food. Or you need filling, comforting, but still healthy food to replenish your system.

Download the following recipes (pdf), and I promise, your "day after" will be much more bearable!

Queen's Day Cooking Coach Survival Guide


- Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and grilled tomatoes (for comfort)
- Muesli with fresh strawberries (for cleansing)


- Steak sandwich with onion relish (for comfort)
- Salmon salad with yogurt and dill dressing (for cleansing)


- Chinese chicken stir fry (for comfort)
- Bean salad with mint dressing (for cleansing)


- Ginger green tea
- Pink grapefruit and mint
- Green tea and mint
- Warm chocolate milk

karen vivers cooking coach

Download the Queen's Day Cooking Coach Survival Guide (ingredients, instructions & tips)

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