[Video] 19 ways King's Day was different in 2020

[Video] 19 ways King's Day was different in 2020

King’s Day has come and gone and boy was it an unusual one this year! If you want an overview of what King’s Day was like this year in Amsterdam, then check out Greg Shapiro’s take on it. This Dutch-American comedian - famous for his Trump impressions and stand-up comedy - is keeping us entertained and lightening the mood during these trying times.

King's Day 2020

From quiet canals to fines being handed out for breaking the 1,5-metre distance rules, it was certainly a King's Day to remember. Instead of orange decorations everywhere, there were signs in city parks and streets reminding people to keep a 1,5-metre physical distance. There was even a person dressed up as a giant coronavirus in Vondelpark.

The most noticeable things were the lack of the colour orange and the absence of the usually hectic flea markets. One thing that remained the same as usual, though, was the police presence. The Dutch police were as vigilant as ever, and this year many fines were given to citizens who broke the social distancing measures.

About the presenter

The video is presented by the hilarious Greg Shapiro, who went viral as the voice of Donald Trump in the hilarious video "America First, Netherlands Second" on Arjen Lubach’s video on his show Zondag met Lubach. He regularly performs stand-up comedy and improv shows at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, one of Europe's leading comedy venues.

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