Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands

Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands

Nov 16, 2019Nov 24, 2019
Many different cities in the Netherlands

Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands

Sinterklaas is on his way to the Netherlands and the date of his arrival has been set! This is one of the most beloved times of year for families and kids in the Netherlands.

Sinterklaas arrives in many cities

The national arrival will take place in the town of Apeldoorn, but of course, Sint will be making an appearance - horse, Pieten and all - in many cities in the Netherlands!

Find out when and where Sinterklaas will be arriving:

November 16 - Arrival in Apeldoorn (official)

The televised arrival of Sinterklaas is always hosted in a specially selected location. This year, the lucky city is Apeldoorn. He will arrive around noon, after which he will make his way to the town centre. The Sinterklaas arrival will be shown on television, on the Dutch stations NPO 3 and NTR. 

November 16 - Arrival in The Hague

Sinterklaas will sail in via the famous Scheveningen waters to greet all the children from The Hague.

November 17 - Arrival in Amsterdam

Sinterklaas will enter Amsterdam at 10.00am through the Amstel, leave his boat at the Maritime Museum and tour the capital on his horse Amerigo. He will be following a new route, so be sure to check where to go if you want to greet him.

November 17 - Arrival in Utrecht

Sinterklaas will enter Utrecht at 11.30am from the Ledig Erf, and head to Weerdsluis. After the official arrival, activities will take place at the Domplein.

 November 23 - Arrival in Delft

Sinterklaas' boat can be found in the Delft Oostsingel at noon, after which the Sint and his companions will head to the Markt via a number of streets, to greet as many children as possible.

Sinterklaas arriving in your town

Want to know when he will sail into your town? The full overview of Sinterklaas arrivals will be announced soon!