SAIL Amsterdam

SAIL Amsterdam

Aug 12, 2020Aug 16, 2020

SAIL Amsterdam

Due to the measures in place due to the coronavirus please check the official page of this event for more details on cancellation / postponement.

This summer, the waterways of Amsterdam are going to be awash with colour, with the most beautiful sailing boats in the world gathered in its harbour for the biggest edition of SAIL Amsterdam ever! 

About SAIL Amsterdam 2020

SAIL Amsterdam is the biggest free event in the Netherlands, as well as the largest nautical event in Europe. Once every five years, more than 600 ships navigate their way along the North Sea Canal and moor in and around the IJ Harbour.

Now celebrating its 10th edition, SAIL Amsterdam 2020 is sure to be the grandest edition ever with over 50 tall ships among the 600 vessels, a 12 km long SAIL-In parade and a series of events throughout the whole city.

Sail AmsterdamPhoto credit: Lisa Kunst

Main areas during SAIL Amsterdam

SAIL is divided into five main areas with different themes:

  • Orange Ocean,​​​​ the Heart of SAIL (Amsterdam IJhaven)
  • Red Ocean, the Cultural Heart (Amsterdam city centre)
  • Green Ocean, the Sustainability, Technique and Innovation centre (NDSM-Werf)
  • White Ocean, the Young Amsterdam area (Amsterdam Noordzijde)
  • Blue Ocean, the Business Heart (Amsterdam Oosterdok)

As you can see above, SAIL Amsterdam is for everybody, for people of all ages and from every walk of life. If you're looking for a nice event for the family and kids to make the most of the last days of the summer holidays, then this is the ideal celebration!

Sail AmsterdamPhoto credit: Franklin van den Erf

Tall ships at SAIL 2020

Fleets of majestic ships will make their way to SAIL 2020. See which ships you can find and admire on the SAIL Amsterdam website. Plan your visit and enjoy one of the highlights of the summer.

Sail AmsterdamPhoto credit: Lisa Kunst



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