Magical Light Route Maastricht

Magical Light Route Maastricht

Nov 27, 2020Dec 29, 2020

The winter months in Maastricht are simply magical. The southern Dutch city is charmingly adorned with thousands of twinkling lights. Trees, bridges, monuments, and even the smallest of boutiques are lit up with festive lights. Time to reawaken the festive season out in the open with Magical Light Route.

Magical Maastricht with its ice rink, funfair rides and market stalls cannot take place due to COVID-19 measures, but the Magical Light Route will certainly not go unnoticed!

Magical Light Route

In the days and weeks leading up to Christmas, Maastricht comes alive! As we anticipate one of the most popular holidays, an evening in the city centre is time well spent. Together, locals, expats and families with kids can bring the energy back into the city this festive season by creating space for each other while following current public health guidelines. Let's create magical moments and celebrate this winter like never before.

Maastricht is ready to welcome the public in a safe way, giving visitors the space they need. Take a walk in the fresh air with your nearest and dearest or a close friend and take the time to explore the city at your own pace, savouring that Maastricht feeling! It might even be a nice idea to add a takeaway hot chocolate or seasonal Dutch snacks like poffertjes or oliebollen.

This year’s Magical Light Route is set to be extra special, with additional space for you so you can take the time to discover the city at your own pace in a pandemic-proof social distance-friendly way. From late November onwards, the Magical Light Route will take you to the most memorable spots in the city. You'll be likely to want to snap some photos because the light displays are a true feast for the senses, so get ready to make some lasting memories.

Plan your Magical Light Route in Maastricht

Magical Route Maastricht is in place from November 27 right through the school holidays! All you have to do is follow the light and enjoy yourself. Keep an eye on the Magical Light Route website and have a pleasant evening in Maastricht.