Postdoctoral Researcher in Automata, Algorithms and Applications

Research / Academic

 Are you interested in discrete mathematics with connections to theoretical computer science? Do you enjoy proving rigorous mathematical results and do you also like programming? This postdoctoral research position offers both!

The project aims to advance fundamental knowledge of finite automata. Your research will focus on two themes. The first theme is synchronisation, related to Cerny's conjecture. Which word length is needed to synchronise an automaton when the input has (random) errors? The second theme is complexity of finite-state transducers. The goal here is to efficiently generate a given infinite morphic sequence. The project has applications to number theory and aperiodic tiling.

You will contribute to the research of the department in collaboration with your colleagues. There is no teaching duties associated with this position. However, if you want to gain teaching experience, you can take on a small teaching task or even obtain a teaching qualification.


  • You hold PhD degree in Mathematics (or in Theoretical Computer Science).
  • You have a good track record of scientific publications commensurate with your career stage.
  • You have experience in fundamental mathematical research.
  • You have or want to gain experience conducting computational experiments (e.g. searching for counterexamples).
  • You are a good team player but also able to work independently.
  • You are motivated, enthusiastic, proactive and willing to learn.
  • You have good oral communication and scientific writing skills.

Salary Benefits:

  • It concerns an employment for 1.0 FTE.
  • The gross monthly salary amounts to a minimum of €3,226 and a maximum of €5,090 based on a 38-hour working week, depending on previous education and number of years of relevant work experience (salary scale 10).
  • You will receive 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus.
  • It concerns a temporary employment for 2 years.
  • You will be able to use our Dual Career and Family Care Services. Our Dual Career and Family Care Officer can assist you with family-related support, help your partner or spouse prepare for the local labour market, provide customized support in their search for employment and help your family settle in Nijmegen.
  • Working for us means getting extra days off. In case of full-time employment, you can choose between 30 or 41 days of annual leave instead of the legally allotted 20.

Work and science require good employment practices. This is reflected in Radboud University's primary and secondary employment conditions. You can make arrangements for the best possible work-life balance with flexible working hours, various leave arrangements and working from home. You are also able to compose part of your employment conditions yourself, for example, exchange income for extra leave days and receive a reimbursement for your sports subscription. And of course, we offer a good pension plan. You are given plenty of room and responsibility to develop your talents and realise your ambitions. Therefore, we provide various training and development schemes.


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